About Us

Founder's Story

It took me more than just money and time to make my journey from textile to timber. I have felt one with nature and never felt that it’s not a part of me, this is the value that drives me to conduct my business responsibly and ethically. Nature is a blessing that we have been blessed with, and we need to respect it. I began my journey from the FRI and went through several mind-blowing experiences to realize that I have to be a part of this industry.

My team plays a big part in my journey. They hone my curiosity by coming up with new and brilliant ideas every day and helping me achieve new methods of creation. My regular interactions with my artists, creators, environmentalists, designers, and carpenters help me keep up with the pace of the market. They are the people who help me serve society with the best that there can be.

Our Vision

We aim to produce hight-quality, ergonomic furniture from sustainable resources.

Our Mission

We strive to develop perfection with a creative workforce, cutting-edge craftsmanship, and environmentally friendly materials. Teamwork is the key to success, and the health and safety of our employees will always come first.

Who We Are?

Hindustan Industrie, a 15-year-old company, specializes in high-quality raw wood treatment and offers distinctive Home Decor designs on their B2B website. With a team with experience in design, interior design, and retail, they combine leather, metal, and other materials to create natural and artificial furniture. With over 15 years of experience, the company has expertise in strategic planning, operations, research and development, designing, and quality control. Owning a timber mill allows for rapid production without compromising quality.

The company’s innovators can continue to experiment with abundant raw materials to develop new methods that may lower manufacturing costs and environmental waste. Established in Jodhpur, the company benefits from skilled employees who can produce output beyond imagination, giving it a solid foothold in the dominant market. Their talented team of designers and imaginative artists produces outstanding designs that cater to consumer needs. Hindustan Industrie provides clients worldwide with the highest quality Indian creative furniture made of wood, iron, and other materials.